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About TCCA Disinfectant Chlorination Mechanism

Chlorine-containing organic compounds are widely used in the synthesis of various compounds such as medicines, pesticides, and materials. They are…

9 months ago
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Coagulation And Flocculation in Water Treatment

Coagulation And Flocculation Definition Coagulation and flocculation in water treatment is essential in water and wastewater treatment. Coagulation refers to…

10 months ago
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Chemicals Used In Drinking Water Treatment

The goal of disinfection of public water supplies is to eliminate pathogens that cause water-borne diseases. In addition to potential…

11 months ago
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Introduction of Chlorine Disinfectants

Fengbai Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate TCCA 90% Chemicals Chlorine disinfectants is one of the most commonly used disinfectant for water sterilization and…

11 months ago
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Features of Polyaluminum Chloride Coagulant

PAC Powder PAC Liquid Polyaluminum chloride coagulant is mainly used as a flocculant for purification of industrial wastewater, papermaking wastewater…

12 months ago
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Advantages of White PAC

White PAC FB01 Poly Aluminium Chloride Supplier ‪White PAC is produced through the high pressure action of top grade AL(OH)3…

1 year ago
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Sodium Hexametaphosphate for Boiler Water Treatment

The boiler is a kind of thermal energy conversion equipment.It will inevitably produce a layer of scale during long-term operation.Therefore,…

2 years ago
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