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White PAC FB01

Key Processes for Drinking Water

Coagulation and sedimentation treatment. The process in which the flocs formed in the coagulation stage are separated from the water by...

Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Several steps of swimming pool

In the hot summer, swimming is one of the most popular entertainments. So how to clean and disinfect the swimming pool...

Cationic Polyacrylamide CPAM Flocculant

PAM for Papmermaking Wastewater Treatment

Characteristics of Papermaking Wastewater Papermaking wastewater has high COD and suspended solids(SS) content. Meanwhile, the chroma is serious. COD is usually...

PAC Powder

What Is Poly Aluminium Chloride

Poly aluminium chloride(PAC) is a widely used water purification chemical. It can dissolve immediately after being added to water. During the dissolution...


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