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PAC 30%

PAC for Drinking Water

PAC 30% for Drinking Water Treatment

PAC 30% refers to polyaluminum chloride containing more than 30% AL2O3, which is suitable for drinking water treatment, such as the water treatment of waterworks, pure water plants, pharmaceutical plants, food processing plants and other industries with high water quality treatment requirements. As one of the commonly used drinking water treatment chemicals, PAC 30% is mainly used as a coagulant and flocculant. If you are looking for this chemical for your business, drinking water grade PAC FB01&PAC FBo2 with more than 30% AL2O3 will be your ideal choice. Inquiry us for quotation now, we will reply you soon.

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    Products Display

    FB01 PAC 30% White Powder
    FB01 PAC 30% White Powder
    FB02 PAC 30% Yellow Powder
    FB02 PAC 30% Yellow Powder
    PAC 30% 25kg Package
    PAC 30% 25kg Package
    NSF Drinking Water Grade PAC 30%
    PAC 30% 25kg Package
    PAC FB01 PAC FB02
    Standard GB15892-2009
    Appearance White powder Light yellow powder
    Application Drinking Water
    AL2O3 % ≥30 ≥30
    Basicity % 40-60 70-85
    PH value (1% aqueous solution) 3.5-5.0 3.5-5.0
    Water insoluble % ≤0.1
    Packing 25 kgs PP bag;20 kgs PE bag; Ton bag
    Storage They shall be sealed and stored in the dry and ventilated place to prevent from rain, high temperature and strong sunlight.

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    Know More ABout PAC 30% for Sale in Fengbai

    Polyaluminium chloride 30% for drinking water treatment is in the appearance of white or light yellow powder. All indicators have reached the purification treatment standards for drinking water. The fundamental difference between drinking water grade PAC and traditional inorganic coagulants is that traditional inorganic coagulants are low-molecular crystalline salts, while the structure of polyaluminium chloride is composed of polyvalent carboxyl complexes with variable morphology. It has the features of fast flocculation and sedimentation speed, wide applicable PH value range, non-corrosive to pipeline equipment, obvious water purification effect. It can also effectively remove heavy metal ions in water.

    1. The flocs form fast, have goof activity and good filterability.
    2. No need to add alkaline additives, and the effect won’t change in case of deliquescence.
    3. Its suitable PH value is wide, strong adaptability and wide range of uses.
    4. The treated water with PAC has less salt.
    5. It can removed water pollution caused by heavy metals and radioactive substances.
    6. High effective ingredients, easy to store and transport.

    There are various specifications of polyaluminium chloride sold on the market, which are generally distinguished according to the content of aluminum oxide. The main difference between PAC powder with different Al2O3 content is the level of heavy metal content.

    Spray drying type and frame drying type polyaluminium chloride, as long as the Al2O3 content reaches 30%, its heavy metal content can reach the drinking water level standard. Heavy metals in water can be guaranteed not to exceed the standard by using PAC 30% for drinking water treatment. So PAC 30% is safe for drinking water treatment.

    The characteristics of spray-dried PAC polyaluminum chloride depend on the operating principle of the pressure spray. The aluminum chloride produced by the pressure spray drying process is porous small particles or hollow small particles, showing the features of dust resistance and smoothness. Because of its better contact with the water to be treated, its solubility and hydrolysis speed are stronger than other powdered water treatment chemicals. Moreover, the slurry of spray-type PAC powder generally passes through a plate and frame filter press, so the content of AL2O3 of the finished products is generally higher, basically above 28%. Because the white PAC is made of aluminum hydroxide powder, which is different from other materials in terms of raw materials, the AL2O3 content of white PAC is above 30%. spray-dried polyaluminium chloride and PAC 30% are mostly used in drinking water treatment or industrial fields with higher processing requirements, while white PAC 30% is mostly used in special industries, such as, papermaking industry.

    Coagulation refer to adding a certain amount of coagulant to the source water and controlling the certain PH value, so as to improve the removal effect of natural organic matters in water. The stability of the colloid is destroyed by putting a flocculant in the water to be treated in advance, so that the colloid and the fine suspended solids in the sewage are aggregated into flocs with separable characteristics. And then they can be separated and removed.

    The purpose of water treatment is to remove impurities in the water through necessary treatment methods to make it meet the water quality required for drinking water. The water treatment method should be determined according to the water quality of the water source and water quality requirements of water users. However, the four processes of coagulation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection are the conventional treatment processes of drinking water treatment.

    About PAC 30% Manufacturer - Fengbai

    • Reliable manufacturer of poly aluminium chloride with more than 20 years of production experience. The quality and price of products can be guaranteed.
    • Timely delivery. In 2003, Fengbai Company founded the poly aluminium chloride plant, the annual output of PAC 30% for drinking water treatment can reach 40000 tons.
    • Exporting countries all over the world, such as, Vietnam, Indonesia, Egypt, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Colombia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, etc.

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