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PAC Flocculant for Wastewater Treatment

Why Need to Add PAC

In the sewage treatment of papermaking, steel, metallurgy, mineral processing, chemical, electroplating, slaughter, urban sewage and other industries, it is often...

Caustic soda Flakes Manufacturer

Advantages of Caustic Soda Used

The agent softening method is the process of using the principle of chemical precipitation, that is, the process of removing the...

Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Comparison of Several Common Chlorine

Trichloroisocyanuric acid TCCA with 90% effective chlorine content, is a kind of high-efficiency, low-toxicity, broad-spectrum and fast disinfectant that is currently promoted...

Production Process And Advantages of

In the production of polyaluminum chloride, liquid polyaluminum chloride is generally obtained first, and then the liquid product is dried to obtain...


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