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Aluminum Sulfate

Aluminum Sulfate Powder
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Aluminum Sulfate for Water Treatment
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Aluminum Sulfate Powder Aluminum Sulfate Crystals Aluminum Sulfate for Water Treatment Fengbai Aluminum Sulfate for Sale Aluminum Sulfate Manufacturer
  • Product Name: Aluminum Sulphate
  • Appearance: White powder, flakes, granular
  • AL2O3 %: ≥17
  • Fe %: ≤0.005
  • PH value (1% aqueous solution): 3.0
  • CAS No: 10043-01-3
  • MF: Al2(SO4)3
  • HS Code: 28332200

Aluminum sulfate is a white powder, flakes or granular. Soluble in water, acids, and bases, but not in ethanol. The aluminum sulfate liquid is acidic. After hydrolysis, aluminum hydroxide is formed. Aluminum hydroxide is mainly used as water treatment chemical. Besides, it is also used as the precipitant of rosin gum, wax emulsion and other rubber materials in the paper industry; Can also be made foam fire extinguisher retention agent, manufacturing alum, aluminum white raw materials, oil decolorization, deodorant, some drugs raw materials, etc.

Aluminum sulphate is often used as a flocculant in the purification of drinking water and sewage treatment equipment, and as a medium in textile printing and dyeing.
Aluminum sulfate in water treatment is its most important use. When added to water, it causes microscopic impurities to gather together to form larger and larger particles, making them easier to precipitate and filter. By the same principle, aluminum sulfate can be used as pool chemical to reduce water turbidity.

Another important use of aluminum sulfate is for dyeing and printing fabrics. When it is dissolved in water with a neutral or slightly alkaline pH, it produces a colloidal aluminum hydroxide. When printing and dyeing fabrics, aluminum hydroxide colloids make it easier for dyes to adhere to plant fibers. Aluminum sulphate is also used to regulate soil pH because it hydrolyzes to produce aluminum hydroxide and a small dilute solution of sulfuric acid.

In addition to water treatment, dyeing and printing, aluminum sulfate can also be used in many fields.

  • Used as a paper sizing agent in the paper industry to enhance the water-resistant and impermeable properties of paper.
  • After dissolving in water, it can make the fine particles and natural colloidal particles in the water condense into large flocs, so it is used as a coagulant for water supply and wastewater.
  • It is used as a purifying agent for turbid water, as well as a precipitant, fixing agent and filler. Used in cosmetics as a raw material for anti-perspiration cosmetics (astringent).
  • In the fire industry, form foam extinguishing agent with baking soda and foaming agent.
  • The wood industry as a preservative. The tanning industry uses it as a tanning agent. In addition, it is also used as a clarifying agent for the oil industry, deodorant and decolorizer for the petroleum industry, astringent for the pharmaceutical industry, etc.
  • Albumin pasteurization stabilizer (including liquid or frozen whole egg, white or yolk).
  • Can be used as raw material for the manufacture of artificial gemstones, advanced ammonium alum, and other aluminates.
  • In the fuel industry, it is used as a precipitator in the production of chrome-yellow and chromatid dyes, as well as a fixing and filling agent.
  • It has a large number of polynuclear hydroxyl aluminum complexes with a positive charge and stable shape, which can effectively promote flocculation and sizing.
  • The colour of aluminium sulphate is white, its iron content is low. It can meet the needs of paper manufacturing.
  • It can be sizing in acidic and neutral environments, significantly reducing the corrosion of the system, white water treatment is easier.
  • It can be filled with cheap calcium carbonate filler, not only reduce the production cost, improve the whiteness and folding resistance of the paper but also overcome the shortcomings of synthetic rubber is difficult to avoid (such as slip, sizing is difficult to control, etc.).
  • Aluminum chloride sizing can significantly improve the retention and filtration of slurry.
  • Paper performance in addition to the breaking length, other indicators are different degrees of improvement.

It belongs to the irritant chemicals, it has a certain irritant to the skin in the using process. Therefore, it must pay attention to the following when using:

  1. During the use, must be closed operation, local exhaust. Operators must be specially trained to strictly follow the operating procedures. Avoid contact with oxidants. Handle lightly to prevent packing damage. Equipped with emergency leak handling equipment.
  2. Use running water to rinse the work clothes after using it.
  3. If the aluminum sulfate powder accidentally flies into the eye, lift the eyelid, rinse with flowing water or normal saline, and seek medical advice immediately.
  4. If aluminum sulfate powder is accidentally inhaled, leave immediately and go to the air outlet. If the situation is serious, breathing difficulties should be immediately oxygen, medical advice.
  5. Aluminum sulfate used in water treatment can not be discharged directly and should be treated strictly first. The direct discharge will result in the lake, rivers, groundwater, and other water pollution, serious harm to the environment.
Aluminum Sulfate Manufacturer
Aluminum Sulfate Manufacturer
Aluminum Sulfate for Water Treatment
Aluminum Sulfate for Water Treatment

Where to Buy Aluminum Sulfate

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