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Stabilized Chlorine Tablets

Trichloroisocyanuric acid and sodium dichloroisocyanurate are the two most widely used stable chlorine. They usually come in the form of tablets, granules, powder. In comparison, TCCA containing 90% of available chlorine usually exists in the form of tablet in swimming pool water disinfection, especially 3 inch pool chlorine tablets. As a slow dissolving stabilized chlorine tablets, they are ideal for your outdoor swimming pools to maintain free chlorine tablets. SDIC contains more stabilizer – cyanuric acid. It usually exists in granule form and dissolves quickly. If the pool is low in chlorine and cyanuric acid, it is great for adding chlorine and cyanuric acid quickly.

Stabilized Chlorine Tablets Fengbai Can Supply

Fengbai TCCA Tablets with Different Sizes

Trichloroisocyanuric Acid TCCA Tablets

We can supply trichloroisocyanuric acid tablets/granular/powderwith effective chlorine content of 90%. For more specifications? Check more now or inquiry us directly.

SDIC Powder/Granular/Tablet

Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate SDIC Tablets/Granular

Sodium dichloroisocyanurate for sale in our company is with 56%/60% effective chlorine content. The chemical is in the form of powder, granule and tablets. Click to check more.

200g multifunctional chlorine tablets

Multifunction TCCA Chlorine Tablets

Multifunctional chlorine tablets are the kind of widely used pool chlorine tablets for swimming pool water treatment. Check more details about this product here now.

More details About Stabilized Chlorine Tablets

Stabilized chlorine tablets refer to the chlorine tablets added with cyanuric acid. It can stabilize the chlorine and less change the chlorine content, so that it has a longer service life in swimming pool. After long enough exposure, the ultraviolet rays of the sun will make the unstabilized chlorine decompose, which will reduce the chlorine content in the pool, so as to reduce the disinfection effect. The stabilized chlorine tablets can solve this problem. They are the best chlorine tablets for your outdoor swimming pool.

Cyanuric acid added to the chlorine can generate compounds that aren’t affected by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. And it won’t decompose even exposed to sunlight for long time. So it is more suitable for disinfection of outdoor swimming pools. Stabilized chlorine tablets helps the chlorine remain the the pool much longer. So you don’t need to add chlorine disinfectant tablets to the pool frequently. This can save the disinfection costs and make the swimming pool disinfection easier and time-saving.

  1. Suitable for outdoor swimming pool. Stabilizer can protect chlorine from UV rays of the sun and prolong the life of chlorine.
  2. The shelf life is longer. If stored well, it can reach a lifespan of five years.
  3. It dissolves slowly. So as to save human and financial resources. And it is easy to use.
  4. Suitable for all types of water quality.

Unstabilized chlorine tablets refer to chlorine products without the stabilizer cyanuric acid, such as calcium hypochlorite tablets. This means that if the pool is exposed to direct sunlight, the chlorine will break down quickly. Using non stabilized chlorine tablets requires more maintenance to ensure that pool water chemistry levels remain normal.

  1. For outdoor pools, stabilized chlorine tablets is the best choice to sanitize your pool. Because stabilizer is necessary to keep chlorine from degrading in sunlight.
  2. For indoor pools, it is a good choice to use unstabilized chlorine. So cyanuric acid levels in the pool won’t raise unnecessarily.
  3. Indoor pools don’t need cyanuric acid to protect pool water from UV rays of the sun. So unstable chlorine can be used.
  4. Unstable chlorine can also be used in outdoor pools, but they must already have stabilizers in the water.
  5. If CYA levels are already high in outdoor pools, adding stabilized chlorine tablets will elevate them further and make your chlorine ineffective and costly. Therefore, unstable chlorine can be selected.
  6. However, for outdoor pools with low or normal CYA levels, stabilized chlorine will most effectively chlorinate the pool.
  7. Compared with unstable chlorine, stable chlorine is more convenient to use.Because it degrades and dissolves slowly in sunlight. This is ideal for daily chlorination.
  8. If you want to shock your pool, it’s best to use unstable chlorine. For that it won’tcause the CYA levels in your pool to spike.
  9. In addition, CYA can help to moderate the intensity of chlorine. Therefore, it is recommended to use small amounts of CYA in indoor swimming pools.

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