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Aluminum Chlorohydrate (ACH)

Aluminum Chlorohydrate ACH Powder
Aluminum Chlorohydrate Solution
Fengbai Aluminum Chlorohydrate ACH for Sale
Fengbai ACH 23% for Sale
ACH Supplier
Aluminum Chlorohydrate ACH Powder Aluminum Chlorohydrate Solution Fengbai Aluminum Chlorohydrate ACH for Sale Fengbai ACH 23% for Sale ACH Supplier

  • Product Name: Aluminum Chlorohydrate(ACH)
  • Appearance: White powder
  • Grade: Water treatment
  • Alumina(Al2O3) %: ≥46
  • Insoluble substance %: ≤0.1
  • CAS No: 12042-91-0
  • MF: Al2(OH)5Cl
  • HS Code: 28273200

Aluminum chlorohydrate (ACH) is powder. Soluble in water, alcohol, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, slightly soluble in benzene, and exothermic reactions occur when dissolved. It has strong hygroscopicity and is easily deliquescent in air. Aluminium chlorohydrate has become the coagulant of choice for many industrial and sanitary wastewater treatment applications because of its high efficiency, good clarification effect. It can not only improve the quality of domestic water and drinking water but also control costs and improve efficiency. As a special water treatment chemical, ACH water treatment can help reduce the use of alkali and chemical solids, while increasing economic benefits and improving plant operations.

Item ACH 23%
Alumina(Al2O3), % 23 – 24
Chlorides(Cl), % 7.9 – 8.4
Atomic ratio(Al:Cl) 1.90:1 – 2.10:1
Basicity, % >82
Sulfate (SO42-), ppm ≤250
Iron(Fe), ppm ≤100
Arsenic(As), ppm ≤2
Heavy metals, % ≤0.001
Mercury(Hg), ppm ≤0.1
PH value(15% w/w), % 4.0-4.4
Light transmittance(30% aqueous)% ≥90
Packing 200 Liter plastic drums; IBC drums.
Item ACH 46%
Alumina(Al2O3) % ≥46
Basicity % 75-90
Chlorides(Cl) % 15.8-16.8
Atomic ratio(Al:Cl) 1.90:1~2.10:1
Sulfate (SO42-) ppm ≤500
Iron (Fe) ppm ≤100
Arsenic(As) ppm ≤2
Insoluble substance % ≤0.1
Particle Size pass 325mesh % ≥90
Packing 25kg /paper bag.

Fengbai Aluminum Chlorohydrate

1. Urban drinking water treatment. Aluminium chlorohydrate is used as a flocculant in the treatment of urban drinking water and domestic water. It removes all kinds of organic matter from the water. For example, it can eliminate iron, fluorine, cadmium, radioactive pollutants and oil slicks. Its turbidity removal ability is strong, flocculation speed is fast. Aluminum chlorohydrate in water treatment can enhance the total organic carbon removal rate, remove fluoride, cadmium, radioactive contamination, and oil slicks. It can reduce the amount of reagent, simplify the operation, eliminate the effect of pH value and reduce the cost of producing tap water.

2. Treatment of municipal sewage and industrial wastewater. Aluminium chlorohydrate water treatment is suitable for industrial wastewater treatment, such as printing and dyeing wastewater. In addition, it is also suitable for different industries of water treatment, including precision casting, pharmaceutical, paper rubber, leather, petroleum, chemical, dye and so on.
It can enhance decolorization, remove total suspended solids or heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, and chromium. It can also remove phosphorus, fluorine, and oil from suspended solids.

3. In the paper industry, it can be used as a sizing agent for precipitators, adhesives, anionic waste scavengers, retention AIDS and filter AIDS, and additives for controlling resin barriers

4. As a cosmetic ingredient. It is used in the daily chemical industry as a drug, antiperspirant, ingredient in special cosmetics.

5. Used as catalysts for organic syntheses, such as petroleum cracking, synthetic dyes, synthetic rubber, synthetic detergents, medicines, spices, etc.

6. Catalysts for the manufacture of pesticides, organic aluminum compounds, phthalocyanine organic pigments, and ethylbenzene;

7. Used for metal smelting and lubricating oil synthesis;

8. Used as analytical reagent, antiseptic and mordant.

Aluminum chloride combines the best functions of a variety of inorganic and organic coagulants. It fills the gap between the properties of organic polymers and traditional metal groups such as alum and iron coagulants.

Aluminum chlorohydrate solution is less corrosive, suitable for automatic dosing, easy to operate.

It is an alternative to poly aluminum chloride, which is used in water treatment to achieve the same effect. It consumes less than poly aluminium chloride and is very environmentally friendly.

It has wide adaptability to water at different temperatures and has good solubility.

Aluminum Chlorohydrate Supplier in China

Fengbai is a leading supplier of water treatment chemicals in China. Mainly engaged in the production, research & development, improvement and sales of water treatment materials. We are committed to creating a leading water treatment chemical company.

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