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Advantages of White PAC

White PAC FB01
White PAC FB01
Poly Aluminium Chloride Supplier
Poly Aluminium Chloride Supplier

‪White PAC is produced through the high pressure action of top grade AL(OH)3 powder and high purity HCL. Use this technology, the solid product is white powder, 10% aqueous solution is colorless transparent liquid.

For water treatment, in order to get optimum using effect and save cost, the users can determined the optimal dosage through experiment according to different raw water turbidity, different seasons and different pool type. Both liquid and solid white PAC can be directly diluted to 3-5 %( as AL2O3) water solution, the general dosage is 10 – 20PPm; for paper sizing, the usage is same to aluminium sulphate, but its dosage is 1/3 of aluminium sulphate; for sugar industry decoloring and clarifying, it needs to be diluted to 3-5 %( as AL2O3) water solution, then the water solution is added to sugarcane juice, the amount is 5-10 ppm.

Main Advantages of White PAC

  • In water treatment, white PAC can effectively remove the water of various toxic and harmful pollutants, the amount is far lower than the traditional inorganic coagulants, it can significantly improve the treatment efficiency, reduce operating costs;
  • In paper sizing, white PAC can work together with rosin sizing agent to realize neutral and alkaline sizing, increase the dosage of calcium carbonate, not only reduces the production cost, improve the whiteness and folding resistance of papers but also overcome the shortcomings of synthetic rubber material such as slipping and the uncontrollability of sizing degree ect.
  • White PAC also has a good retention and drainage effect, and can effectively improve the performance and retention rate of the slurry.

When using white polyaluminium chloride, it is better to dilute it before dosing. liquid can be diluted by adding water direntcly , Solid white PAC should be dissolved by adding water firstly and then stir well; Solid white PAC should avoid damp, once it is opened, please use it as soon as possible to avoid moisture in the air, but it still can be used when wet and efficacy remains the same.


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