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An old Turkish Customer Ordered SDIC In Bulk from Fengbai

After the customer initially received our quotation of SDIC, he was very satisfied with our price. Later , the customer confirmed that our company is a trustworthy company after a rigorous investigation. Therefore, he quickly signed a contract with our company for 260 tons of SDIC and paid the advance payment. But some time after receiving the advance payment, the market price suddenly dropped. In order to reduce the loss of customers, we took the initiative to lower the price for customers. The client was very satisfied with the behavior that our company can propose a proactive price reduction. After receiving the first shipment, the customer is very satisfied with the quality. Soon, another order of 350 tons for the first quarter of 23 was booked.   

SDIC in 50kg plastic drum
SDIC In 50kg Fiber Drum

In trade cooperation, our company not only provides customers with high-quality products, but also provides customers with excellent services.     


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