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Features of Polyaluminum Chloride Coagulant

PAC Powder
PAC Powder
PAC Liquid
PAC Liquid

Polyaluminum chloride coagulant or PAC coagulant is mainly used as a flocculant for purification of industrial wastewater, papermaking wastewater and tap water. It can also e used as a precipitant for pulp sizing instead of aluminum sulfate. In aluminum-based flocculants, aluminum ions dissociate into mononuclear complex ions in aqueous solution. In the process of hydrolysis, aluminum ions also generate hudroxyl-bridging polynuclear complex ions. These multinuclear ions have strong flocculation ability. Polyaluminum chloride coagulant can directly provide these high-efficiency multi-nuclear complex ions in the water, avoiding those less efficient ions, so it can get a better flocculation effect.

Features of Polyaluminum Chloride Coagulant

  • With strong flocculation ability, it has a good flocculation effect on river water, ground water, coal dyeing water, papermaking wastewater and other wastewater. Generally, its flocculation ability is 1.5-3 times that of aluminum sulfate. Moreover, the suitable dosage range is large and the operation stability is high.
  • Since the formation and precipitation of flocculated particles are fast, the mixing and processing time can be shortened, so the processing capacity of the equipment can be improved or simplified,
  • The formed flocculated particles are large and solid, which can reduce the occurrence of leakage accidents.
  • The flocculation effect of polyaluminum chloride PAC coagulant isn’t affected by temperature, and the flocculation effect doesn’t decrease even when the temperature is below 10℃. Generally, when polualuminum chloride coagulant is used, there is no need to add active silicon, polymer flocculation aids.
  • No need to use alkali or only a small amount of alkali additives.
  • Purified water with low conductivity can be obtained.
  • The storage and use method is simple. And the equipment can be automated.

There are four specifications of polualuminum chloride coagulant for sale in Fengbai. Among them, FB01 and FB02 are for drinking water treatment, FB03 and FB04 are for industrial water treatment. You can check more about the chemical in the product detailed page and inquiry us for the quotation of the PAC coagulant. As a professional manufacturer, we can fully guarantee the high performance of the product and the competitive price.


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