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Our Old Customer from Vietnam Imported 100MT PAC FB04

One of our old customers from Vietnam imported 100MT PAC FB04 again in July 2020 from our factory. The poly aluminium chloride PAC FB04 is used as coagulant in industrial wastewater treatment. After the addition of coagulant and the mixture reaction, colloid impurities in water coagulate into larger alum grains, the sewage containing: heavy metal ions, radioactive substances, deodorization, sterilization, aluminum and other impurities can be effectively removed. No matter what sewage,the PAC can achieve good water purification effect, making the water clean and safe.

Besides, pac poly aluminum chloride also has Phosphorus removal effect, and can be deposited with phosphate in waste water, so it is suitable for phosphorus removal in sewage plant.

Fengbai poly aluminum chloride pac has excellent adsorption, condensation, precipitation and other properties. They are mainly used for sewage treatment, wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment, circulating water treatment, production water treatment. The advantages are small dosage, low cost. PAC is one of the most commonly used water treatment agents in water treatment industry, and it is more effective when combined with polyacrylamide. Different types of poly aluminium chloride have different uses; customers can choose the corresponding poly aluminium chloride according to their own different uses.


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