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  • Product Name: Poly Aluminium Chloride
  • Appearance: White or Yellow Powder
  • Type: FB01, FB02, FB03, FB04
  • AL2O3 %: ≥30, ≥28
  • PH Value: 3.5-5.0
  • CAS No: 1327-41-9
  • MF: {AL2 (OH) nCL6-n} m
  • HS Code: 28273200
Poly aluminium chloride (PAC) , the white or yellow powder, is an inorganic polymer coagulant. Compared with traditional inorganic coagulants, fengbai poly aluminum chloride flocculation precipitation speed is fast, the PH value applicable range is wide, water purification effect is obvious and non-corrosive to pipeline equipment. The product is widely used in drinking water, industrial water, and sewage treatment.

Types of Spray Drying PAC Chemicals for Sale​

Here are four types of pac chemicals for sale in Fengbai factory now. They all use spray drying technology. Their appearances are different. They also have many differences in the application and production technology. If you are not sure which kind of PAC in Fengbai is suitable for you, please feel free to contact us. We will provide the most suitable product according to your situation.

PAC Powder
PAC Liquid
PAC 30% FB01 - Drinking Water
Spray drying PAC FB01 is white powder. Its purity is very high and its price is also the highest. Compared with other grades, the water-insoluble substance is low, also the Basicity. In practical applications, it is mainly used for the purification of tap water and domestic water, and precise manufacturing of water. In addition, it can also be widely used in papermaking, medicine, sugar liquid, medicine, chemical and other industries.
PAC 30% FB02 - Drinking Water
Spray drying PAC FB02 is light-yellow powder and it use spray drying technology. It is mainly used for drinking water treatment. Water treated with it clarifies without precipitation. It has the advantages of good flocculation effect, high purification efficiency and stability, low dosage and low cost.
PAC 30% FB03 - Industrial Water
Spray drying PAC FB03 is yellow powder. It is the most widely used poly-aluminium chloride in the market. Often used in sewage treatment. It has a good flocculation effect, so it is the best choice for industrial water supply, industrial wastewater, industrial water cycle, and urban sewage treatment.
PAC 28% FB04 - Industrial Water
Spray drying PAC FB04 is yellow powder. It can meet some special requirements for water treatment. The iron content of FB04 is higher than the other three types of poly aluminum chloride products, so the color is darker. It has a strong effect on low temperature, low turbidity, high algae sewage. It mainly used for drinking water, urban water supply, industrial water purification.
Item Type
Standard GB15892-2009 GB-T 22627-2008
Appearance White powder Light yellow powder Yellow powder
Application Drinking Water Industrial Waste water
AL2O3 % ≥30 ≥30 ≥30 ≥28
Basicity % 40-60 70-85 50-90 50-90
PH value (1% aqueous solution) 3.5-5.0 3.5-5.0 3.5-5.0 3.5-5.0
Water insoluble % ≤0.1 ≤0.5 ≤1.5
Packing 25 kgs PP bag;20 kgs PE bag; Ton bag
Storage They shall be sealed and stored in the dry and ventilated place to prevent from rain, high temperature and strong sunlight.
Drinking Water Treatment
Industrial Water Treatment
Advantages of Polyaluminium Chloride
  • Polyaluminium chloride (PAC) is a widely used water treatment chemical. It has a wide range of PH adaptation and it is not easy to produce color or other side effects. After the use of poly aluminum chloride, the content of iron, manganese and other heavy metals in water is low, which has a little corrosive effect on the equipment. For this reason, it plays a special role in the treatment of papermaking waste-water, printing and dyeing waste-water.
  • Poly aluminium chloride in water treatment has the characteristics of good coagulation performance, large alum particles, fast settling, low dosage, high efficiency, and wide application range. So it mainly used in treating urban drinking water and all kinds of industrial waste-water. This product can also be used to remove iron, manganese, chromium, lead and other heavy metals in water, fluoride, and oil in water, so it is used to treat printing and dyeing, papermaking, oilfield sewage, urban sewage, and sludge dehydration treatment process. Due to the positive charge of polyaluminum chloride, it has strong adsorption of suspended matter in water. For this reason, it has many advantages such as strong decontamination, high comprehensive efficiency in oil removal and turbidity removal, low cost, etc. It also can be used in casting, medicine, leather, and other fields.
  • Because of its good stability, the PAC dosing can be reduced under the same water quality. Especially in the case of poor water quality, the dosage of poly aluminum chloride can be reduced by half. It not only reduces the labor intensity of workers but also reduces the water production cost of users. In addition, PAC in water treatment can ensure safety, reduce water accidents, and provide safe and reliable drinking water for residents.
Poly Aluminium Chloride Uses
  • Sewage treatment. It can be applied to sewage treatment because it has a wide range of application to PH value and short settling time. The application of poly aluminum chloride in water treatment can ensure the quality of water sources to a certain extent and reduce the harm to human health. At present, polyaluminum chloride water treatment is not only used in industrial sewage but also widely used in urban sewage and drinking water treatment.
  • Pulp and paper industry. In addition to water treatment applications, poly-aluminium chloride can also be used in the recycled paper industry. It plays a major role in the paper industry as a filter, which can improve the purity of paper.
  • Cosmetics industry. Polyaluminium chloride (PAC) can be used as an adhesive after hydrolysis. It is a synthetic water-soluble polymer. It is often used in the preparation of cosmetics emulsion. For its stable nature and little irritant to skin, it is often used as an emulsion stabilizer in the cosmetic industry.
  • Other aspects. polyaluminium chloride PAC can also be used in precision casting, medicine, paper rubber, leather, petroleum, chemical, dye and other industries. In a word, poly-aluminium chloride is widely used in industry, and its application effect is very good.

PAC Poly Aluminium Chloride Manufacturer & Supplier

1. Since its inception in 1999, Fengbai has been researching, producing and selling high-quality PAC for more than 15 years.

2. Fengbai polyaluminium chloride adopts the most advanced production technology at present. We use high-quality raw materials to react and polymerize. Production in accordance with the requirements of the national standard GB15892-2009.

3. Our products have been exported to more than 40 countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Iran, USA, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, South Korea, Pakistan, etc. By the way, if you need to buy poly aluminium chloride, please contact us at any time online.

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