SDIC Granular 56% to Belgium

A batch of 18 tons of SDIC granular is  ready to be boxed and delivered to Belgium. The effective chlorine content of SDIC granular purchased by the customer is 56%, and the specification is 8-30mesh.In addition, we can also supply 20-60mesh sodium dichloroisocyanurate and SDIC tablets with the effective chlorine content of 60%.

Sample Sent to Belgium Customer
50kg fiber drum SDIC Granular

As the end user, the batch of SDIC chemical are to be used in textile industry, so the customer has very strict product quality requirements. He entrusted a third-party testing agency in China to take samples at the factory, then affix a special label, seal it, and send it to the customer. After he receives the sample, it is tested first. Only the sample pass their inspection, the customer will notify us to deliver the goods. In addition, on the day of packing, entrust the same third party to the factory to supervise the packing. It can be seen that the quality of our products can stand the inspection. Would like to purchase water treatment chemicals from a reliable manufacturer? Fengbai will be your ideal choice. Feel free to inquiry us now.

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