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Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

The four main types of wastewater treatment chemicals are PH neutralizers, anti-foaming agents, coagulants and flocculants. PH neutralizers is mainly used to control the PH value of sewage in a certain range, so as to protect the local ecological environment. Defoamers are all low-viscosity chemical substances, which can cause bubble bursting and surface foam bursting to solve a series of problems such as low water treatment efficiency caused by foam. Coagulants and flocculants waster water treatment chemicals are used to remove iron, suspended solids, organic color, and hardness from influent water. As a manufacturer of water treatment chemicals in China, PAC flocculant and coagulant is our main product. The annual output of PAC for drinking water treatment can reach 40000 tons, and PAC for wastewater treatment can reach 30000 tons. Feel free to inquiry us for more details.

Introduction of Coagulants And Flocculants

Coagulants are mainly groups with positive(negative)electricity and some difficult to separate particles with negative(positive) electricity in water close to each other, reduce their electric potential, make them in an unstable state Then use its polymerization properties to make these particles concentrated, and separated by physical or chemicals methods. PAC flocculant is a kind of polymer flocculant. The flocculating effect of this flocculant is better than other inorganic flocculants. For that it can provide a large amount of complex ions, and can strongly adsorb colloidal particles, through adsorption, bridge, cross-linking, so as to make the colloid agglomerate. At the same time, physical and chemical changes occur, neutralizing the charge on the surface of colloidal particles and suspended solids, causing the colloidal particles to change from repelling to attracting, destroying the stability of micelles, causing the colloidal particles to collide with each other to form flocculant coagulation precipitation with great adsorption capacity.

PAC Flocculant for Wastewater Treatment
PAC Flocculant for Wastewater Treatment
PAC Powder Wastewater Treatment Chemical
PAC Powder Wastewater Treatment Chemical

Polyaluminum chloride PAC is usually used as a coagulant in the treatment of industrial wastewater. It has efficient adsorption capacity and can form dense and large alumen ustum quickly and effectively. The PAC flocculant can effectively remove heavy metal ions, redioactive substances, deodorization, sterilization, and aluminum impurities contained in sewage. No matter what kind of sewage it can help achieve a goof water purification effect, make the water quality clean and safe.

Applications fields. Various industrial wastewater treatment such as, printing and dyeing wastewater, leather wastewater, fluorine wastewater, heavy metal wastewater, oily wastewater, papermaking wastewater, coal washing wastewater, mining wastewater, brewing wastewater, metallurgical wastewater, meat processing wastewater, etc. It can also be used for the recovery of useful substances in industrial wastewater and waste residues, promote the sedimentation of coal powder in coal washing wastewater, and the recovery of starch in starch manufacturing.

  • Used in conjunction with activated carbon in water treatment, it can be used to coagulate and clarify suspended particles in domestic water.
  • Using organic flocculant acrylamide instead of inorganic flocculant, even if the sedimentation tank isn’t modified, the water purification capacity can be increased by more than 20%.
  • Used as wastewater treatment chemical, PAM can increase the utilization rate of water reuse and recycling.
  • In industrial water treatment, it can be used as an important formulation agent.
  • Reduce the amount of coagulant. It is usually used as a coagulant aid in conjunction with other inorganic flocculants, which can greatly reduce the amount of inorganic flocculant used. So as to avoid the deposition of inorganic substances on the surface of the equipment, and slow down the corrosion and scaling of the equipment.

Reference Factors for Selecting Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

  • Low comprehensive consumption. Different wastewater treatment chemicals used to treat the same sewage, the cost of the comprehensive chemicals used and other various costs are the lowest.
  • The processing rate is high. For different sewage, each sewage treatment agent has a treatment limit for the pollutants in the sewage, The higher the treatment limit, the higher the probability that the wastewater discharge will meet the standard after treatment. The lower the environmental protection risk is.
  • The selected sewage treatment chemicals can’t contain highly toxic substances that cause harm to the human body.
  • Harmless to biochemical system. The selected wastewater treatment chemicals can’t contain pollutants that can kill or inhibit the survival of microorganisms.
  • Harmless to equipment. The selected wastewater treatment agent should be determined whether it is corrosive, whether it is corrosive to the treatment equipment or pipeline, and whether it will increase the cost of water treatment.
  • Of course, purchasing wastewater treatment chemicals from a reliable manufacturer can also help improve treatment efficiency and reduce costs. Fengbai Chemical will be your ideal choice for water treatment chemicals.

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