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What Is Poly Aluminium Chloride Used for

Poly aluminium chloride(PAC) is a widely used water purification chemical. It can dissolve immediately after being added to water. During the dissolution process, hydroxide ions release a large amount of positive charges to adsorb negatively charged ions in the water. The flocs are formed quickly and coarsely, with high activity and rapid precipitation, which can achieve the purpose of decomposing and purifying sewage. The purification effect of turbidity water is obvious.

What Is Poly Aluminium Chloride Used for

  • Purification of urban water supply, including river water, reservoir water and groundwater.
  • Urban domestic sewage treatment.
  • Various industrial wastewater treatment. Including printing and dyeing wastewater, leather wastewater, fluorine wastewater, heavy metal wastewater, oily wastewater, papermaking wastewater, coal washing wastewater, mine wastewater, brewing wastewater, metallurgical wastewater, meat processing wastewater, etc.
  • Used for the treatment of special water quality, the purification of drinking water and tap water, such as removing iron, cadmium, fluorine, radioactive pollutants, slick oil, etc.
  • Recovery of useful substances in industrial wastewater and waste residues.
  • Other uses. Paper sizing, sugar solution refining, cloth anti-wrinkle, catalyst carrier, medical refining, cement quick-setting, cosmetic raw material.

Excellent Performance

  • The molecular structure is large and the adsorption capacity is strong.
  • Can sterilize, deodorize, etc.
  • After being put into water, its decomposition activity is high, and the sedimentation is fast, don’t need any other additives.
  • The purification effect is 2-3 times greater than other inorganic flocculants.
  • Wide application range, strong adaptability, little influence by the PH value and temperature of water. The content of cations and anions in the treated water is low, which is conductive to the exchange treatment between ions and the preparation of high-quality water.
  • The corrosiveness is small and it is simple and convenient in actual operation.
  • Although it is easy to deliquesce in the air, it doesn’t affect its use effect.
PAC Powder
PAC Powder
Poly Aluminium Chloride PAC 30% Package
Poly Aluminium Chloride PAC 30% Package

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