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TCCA 90 Chlorine to Egypt

An Egyptian customer had purchased hundreds of tons of TCCA 90 Chlorine (Trichloroisocyanuric Acid) from Fengbai company. By now, these goods have been sent to the customer on time. And our products are highly recognized by customers.

As a water treatment chemical, TCCA is mainly used for drinking water, industrial circulating water, swimming pools, etc. Fengbai TCCA has the advantages of high effective chlorine content, high sterilization and bleaching efficiency, stable storage and transportation, convenient use, safe and harmless.

Fengbai TCCA 90 Chlorine to Egypt
Fengbai TCCA 90 Chlorine to Egypt

Adhering to the concept of quality first, Fengbai has been focusing on producing good quality products for many years. Fengbai TCCA chemicals have passed various quality testing certifications, including ISO9001, SGS, HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL, etc. The quality of our products can be guaranteed.

Fengbai provides different sizes of TCCA 90 Chlorine and other water treatment chemicals at a competitive price. You could find the most suitable products for your business in Fengbai. No more hesitate, just contact us and buy online now.


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