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1FCL TCCA Granule to Malta

This Maltese customer is a distributor in Europe. This was his first time importing TCCA, and he asked for a 20ft container of TCCA granular. Since we received this customer’s inquiry at the end of 2021, we have been in touch with him, updating the price for him.

In March of this year, the customer sent an email saying that he planned to import TCCA granular, but he needed to apply for an import license first and needed us to provide some data. We actively cooperated and provided the customer with the data he needed. Finally, the customer successfully applied for the import license in May and placed an order for a 20ft container of TCCA granular in June.

Fengbai TCCA Granular
Fengbai TCCA Granular
Packing Photos

We keep in touch with our customers at all times during the production of goods, confirming labels, etc. After the goods are ready, we sent the customer photos of the goods, packing photos, delivery photos, etc. The shipment was successfully shipped out at the end of June.


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